3 steps to get whitelisted for an NFT drop!

If you’ve ever wondered how people make a lot of profit flipping NFT’s, you’ve come to the right place. Flipping NFT’s is great if you’re looking to make profit and the key to flipping is buying low and selling high. And the only way to get the NFT for the lowest possible price is to get on the whitelist for the drop. 

The whitelist, simply put, is a list of people who will get early access to the NFT. This will give them the opportunity to purchase the NFT for the lowest price on the project website, meaning they get it before it’s released on secondary markets. Once the NFT is available for the public, these selected groups will be able to mint their purchased NFT’s on secondary websites for a higher price making them a chunk of profit.

How to get whitelisted

Following these steps will not guarantee that you get a whitelist spot but they’re your best chance for sure.

Step 1 – Find a good upcoming project early

If the project has already been launched or has already filled most of its whitelist spots, chances are it’s too late. So, try to get in early, check different social media platforms and websites for a good project that’s still in the works. Once you locate the project you want to go for move on to the next step.

Step 2 – Join their Discord group

That’s right, Discord is where the action is. The founding team is introduced on discord, that’s where major announcements are made, the project map is available there, giveaways take place, and even the instructions to getting on the whitelist are available on discord. This is a crucial step!

Step 3 – Meet the requirements

Like any exclusive group, to join, you must fulfil the requirements. So, make sure that all requirements are met, they can usually be found on their social media pages. The requirements are usually simple, it usually boils down to staying active on social media about the project.