Our Top 5 Favorite NFT projects.

When cryptocurrency blew up in 2021, it created endless possibilities. Amongst these were NFT-based projects. According to collected data from nonfungible.com, by the end of 2021 NFT sales had reached a whopping 14.4 billion US dollars. That’s a lot of money, and it’s only just begun. NFT projects are the main contributors to these sales numbers, with thousands of them out there, we wanted to list five of our favorite and most successful projects.


CryptoPunks has a collection of 10,000 computer-generated pixel-art characters. Each of these characters is unique with its own distinguishing feature and can be anything from humans to aliens. Since the day of listing, this project has a total trade volume of 2.88 billion US dollars.

Why is it on our list?

It won't be taking it too far if we called CryptoPunks the godfather of NFT projects. This was one of the earliest NFT collections on the blockchain and by far one of the most successful. It also set the standard for upcoming NFT projects; it would be difficult to build a favorite projects list without CryptoPunks in it.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a metaverse game that uses NFTs as assets. What makes this game so special is the fact that it’s made by players. The players can buy land and develop it into a playable game, an experience others can have, or even an art piece; the possibilities are endless. Once developed, owners of the land can monetize it by having other players pay for the experience.

Why is it on our list?

First off, the idea was brilliant; a virtual world with virtual land that can be owned by players, developed then monetized. Who wouldn’t want that? But that’s not all, most assets that are found in the game are NFT structures built by players, movable items, and even characters are NFTs that can be sold on marketplaces. Snoop Dogg (yes, that Snoop Dogg) hosted a VIP virtual concert in the Sandbox, imagine if this was a recurring event.

Axie Infinity

Another game-based project, Axie Infinity is a sort of MMO (massively multiplayer online) game. The game features Axies, creatures that players can purchase as NFTs and use to battle each other online. Axie Infinity players can breed and sell their Axies to earn money which is a major selling point to the players and investors. 

Why is it on our list?

Although there are other games mentioned on the list, Axie Infinity is the most exciting. It uses an in-game currency that is currently valued above $40, all in all, a great project with an exciting future.

Bored Ape Yacht club 

This is a project inspired by crypto punks. But it’s not to say they are identical. Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs like the CryptoPunks are unique, with different accessories, facial expressions, and other features. These features, depending on how rare they are, determine the price of each NFT. The highest Bored Ape was sold for over $2.3 million.

Why is it on our list?

If you own a bored Ape, you will get access to members-only benefits. These benefits range from NFTs to exclusive parties. This is definitely taking it one step further. 

Art Blocks Curated

Unlike the others on the list, Art Blocks Curated is purely art-based. There are no additional benefits for owners, no games to play, and no virtual land to develop. Several artists have submitted their art to the project, which is then added to a collection. As a collector of art, you can buy a piece or a whole collection. 

Why is it on our list?

This gives artists great opportunities. Digital art is the future and Art Blocks Curated has created a great project to support that.