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Top 5 NFT marketplaces

If you want to buy NFTs, then NFT marketplaces are definitely where to get them. There are several marketplaces with different layouts and purposes. Don’t worry, we will get into the best ones and explain what is what.

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How to Avoid Buying a Counterfeit NFT

NFTs have brought forth a new era for art and artists. Artists can now digitize and sell their art to people all over the world as NFTs. This has given many artists opportunities to showcase their talent. It all sounds great but there is still a big issue that needs to be addressed. NFTs seem like the next step for artists, but the fact that it’s not physical means counterfeits can easily be made and sold.

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Provvy Launches Paint 'N' Sip 'N' NFT Night #1 TICKETS ON SALE NOW

  Birrunga Gallery has partnered with Provvy to bring you a Paint 'N' Sip 'N' NFT Workshop, your ticket to peek into the web3 world.   Your ticket to the web3 world includes: A 2-hour wine & grazing platter package Artwork creation guided by a prolific Indigenous artist A dive into the tech taking over our world, Blockchain with a deeper look into NFTs led by Provvy CEO, Alisha Geary (Indigenous founder of, an emerging NFT platform) An opportunity to mint your workshop creation as an NFT or just learn how the process works for those too shy to take their art public! Grab your best crypto-curious friends and secure your ticket to an evening where art and technology...

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