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How The Provvy Platform Works

Provvy Prioritses Creators

Without creators, the world would be less colourful...

So Provvy is designed to always leave the creator happy, not just paid.


Provvy with your consent, only issues non-exclusive licenses for your content which means you as the creator maintain full intellectual property in your content.


By only issuing non-exclusive licenses for your content, this means as the content creator, you can issue multiple licenses to individuals wanting to use your creations which means multiple streams of income. When it comes to minting your work as an NFT, Provvy ensures all NFTs are perpetually royalty enabled - which means you get paid each time the NFT changes hands!


Provvy offers licensing packages to user's and generates the contract for you tailored to protect your interests first and foremost. Provvy also handles the minting of your work into NFTs when a buyer is interested. We don't mint any content into an NFT until a sale is complete so as not to use resources unnecessarily.


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